Black Label Suicides


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    so thats what happened to pyvhal thats why the sight changed excuse my french i like the guy or liked but tdeleteing the forums is bitch made might as well pull the barbed stick out his ass and put in his mother without a rubber i mean shit man after he erased the frinds list i knew he was whineing but just becase he whiney hows that include ...
    Posted to Drama (Forum) by Mnoland on 08-03-2004
  • Re: Bob goes bye-bye

    my box is getting there as well lately i have been playing prince of persia for x box and fire emblem for game boy i need my online bad. oh and i bought and beat in the same day chronicles of riddick.. definitly worth a rental but play on hard
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Mnoland on 08-02-2004
  • Re: What's the procedure for someone to join the clan?

    i8 think it will work it sounds stressfull becasue i dont know if im in anymore but i like the vote over the big dog haveing full say ..i mean what if the boss is haveing a bad day or what if pantera is drunk or sumtin and lets peewee herman join
    Posted to New Members (Forum) by Mnoland on 07-31-2004
  • im almost there doods

    i must of ate brain tumors for breakfast becase i just applied and now i can post beofre it must of been hot and i was frustrated so what has happened to the sight what are all the big changes i sence to vigor and inspiration inthe people and soon on the fifth infact will be a gloroius glorious day for all to embrace and remeber for it is the long ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Mnoland on 07-31-2004
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