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GRAW 2 - Ultimate Defender Achievement

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  • 03-12-2007 9:49 AM

    GRAW 2 - Ultimate Defender Achievement

    Sunday Partyman and I were invited to help the Koma-Inu guys with the Ultimate Defender achievement on GRAW 2.  That's the one where you have to win a 60 minute defend match.  Basically there is a single base zone that you have to defend from endless streams of AI.  It doesn't sound so hard until you realize that you don't get any respawns or any more ammo.

    I think I learned more about team work in this session of gaming then in any other session on XBL.  We must of tried a good 10 to 15 times.  Most of them lasted less then 10 minutes and went to hell as soon as the random dude in the room ran out of ammo.  He would freak out and run around looking for a gun to pick up, then freak out because the gun he picked up didn't have hundreds of rounds left in it.  Never mind that we told the dude countless times to not fire on automatic and at every fucking dude.

    After a couple hours we found a map and a strategy that seemed to work.  We had people rotating in and out of fire positions and one of the big keys was we didn't kill everything that we saw.  Once you kill an AI squad, an other spawns in their place.  Since ammo conservation is key in this mode it make sense to let the AI live as long as possible then take them out with a single round.

    Most rounds I was one of the last people to rotate into a fire position.  At this point I normally still had 700+ rounds only firing a few times when a tango got past everyone else.  Most everyone was equipped with the M36 SAW since it had 800 rounds and Semi, burst and full auto mode.  Semi, single shot, works the best at conserving ammo, a well placed shot should drop most tangos.  

    A good strategy when you are the main person firing is to slowly drop on tango at a time.  If you get a head shot on a tango most of his buddies will go prone and hide.  This has two advantages.  First since they are looking for cover they are not firing back.  Second when they are prone they block the tangos behind them from rushing in.  With 100 rounds in your M36 saw's clip you can keep them pinned for about two minutes with out having to reload.  When you are about to reload make sure that you call out that you are reloading so that the person backing you up can start firing and keep them pinned down.

    It was really amazing how you can tell who can work together in a team and who is a lone wolf in this mode.  Lone wolfs will rack up a hundred kills or so in the first 10 minutes then run out of ammo.  When they are out of ammo they panic and get them selfs and normally someone else killed.  Those that have good teamwork skills are constantly checking in with their teammates and backing them up when they have a problem.

    One last thing.  For next time.   If we have 10 players in the room and they all have 800 rounds in their M36 Saw that means that we have 8000 rounds to last us 60 minutes (3600 Seconds).  That works out to 2.222(repeating) rounds per second.  So two people in main firing positions firing approx 1 round a second each is ideal.  That really means make every round count.  Take your time with your shots and keep the tangos pinned down with as few shots as possible.

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    Re: GRAW 2 - Ultimate Defender Achievement

    so when are we gonna try fellasDevil

    Get one !!! Gamercard Sig.
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    Re: GRAW 2 - Ultimate Defender Achievement

    There is a lot of time involved in doing this achievement so I think we should try again on Saturday afternoon.


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