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How to join BLS

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  • 03-09-2005 4:27 PM

    How to join BLS

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    If you would like to join BLS there are a few things you need to do:

    1. Register on the Website.  Smart members use their XBox live GamerTag as their username for the forums so they can build up name recognition with the people you are going to decide if you get in or not.

    2. Let us know that you want to join the clan.  That means posting in this forum.

      Post something like the following:
      Title: <Insert your GamerTag Here> - Joining Information

      My GamerTag is <Insert your GamerTag Here>.  I would like to join BLS.

      <Insert part here about why you would like to join BLS>

      Games I currently play:
      Ghost Recon 2
      World of Warcrack
      and more World of Warcrack

      I look forward to playing with you all.

      I hereby certify that I am not a snot nosed kid and am old enough to play games rated "M"

    3. After you have posted and a moderator has read you post you will get put into the Wannabe role.  Click here to see the list of current Wannabe's. You will see the Wannabe symbol next to your posts now:

    4. Play on Xbox live with BLS Members.    Make an effort to get on there good side.  Bribes help.

    5. Stay active in the forums. 

    Once you have done that you will be considered for membership in BLS.  Mostly we pick our members on how we get along with them, not their skill in a game (So don't be an asshole)

    You need to have two members of BLS sponsor your membership.  Don't go begging on the forums here for people to sponsor you.  If they like you they will sponsor you.

    After about a month (Longer if you're an ass) we will let you know if you are in. 

    If you are in you will become a private next to all your post will be:


    If you don't get well you're:


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