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Rainbow Six Vegas: Patch Details

 Rainbow Six Vegas got a patch this week.  It looks like they were trying to balance the weapons and fixed a few bugs.  A little to late though.

Here is the details from the UBI forums.

Bug Fixes:
> Optimized the network replication of custom faces. You should see everyone’s custom face much faster in an online match.
> Fixed a bug where you can get stuck on a ladder in Border Town.
> Grenades no longer go through walls.
> Fixed the sound loop on weapons.
> Observers no longer cause a Team Unbalance penalty on experience points.
> Fixed a crash related to throwing an incendiary grenade and then quickly using your snake cam before it exploded.
> Leaderboards are now correctly updating results from ranked matches.
> Fixed a bug where you could lose your weapon.
> Killing terrorists with incendiary grenades now works correctly in Terrorist Hunt.
> C4 explosives are now properly seen by clients when placed on moveable objects.
> Players are now vulnerable to grenades when using mounted weapons.
> Fixed bugs related to the Survivor and Special Operations achievements.
> Host can no longer kick players once the match has started. Players can only be kicked in the lobby, or automatically kicked by excessive team-killing.
Gameplay Tweaks:
The weapons have been rebalanced based on the feedback you’ve given us. Thank you for your patience and continued support in making Rainbow Six Vegas the great multiplayer game that it is. Without further delay, here are the changes we’ve brought to the weapons:
Sub Machine Guns
o SMGs are now less lethal at long ranges. The damage they do at long range has been reduced in order to bring them more in line with how this type of gun should behave. SMGs remain very lethal at short to medium range.
Assault Rifles
o Assault Rifles are now where we wanted them to be. They’re more maneuverable than before and you can more accurately take aim at your target. The Assault Rifles excel at medium to long range when fired in short controlled bursts.
Light Machine Guns
o The amount of recoil when firing light machine guns has been significantly reduced, therefore making them much more accurate than before. This weapon excels when fired from a stationary position. It’s not meant to be a very manuverable weapon.
o Damage at long range has been reduced for shotguns. However, they’re still extremely lethal at short range.
Sniper Rifles
o Sniper Rifles have gotten the attention they deserve. Sniper Rifles are more accurate and benefit from an increase in damage. The key to being successful with a sniper rifle is to remain stationary when aiming at your target.
Frag Grenade: The explosive radius of the fragmentation grenade has been slightly reduced.
GPS Device: The scanning radius of the GPS has been slightly reduced, along with the number of uses it has.

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