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  • Ubisoft introduces Tom Clancy's EndWar™

    End War Logo

    Ubisoft announce a new game in the Tom Clancy universe,  EndWar.  EndWar will be a strategy game set in a futuristic version of World War III. 

    Set on the battlefields of World War III, Tom Clancy’s EndWar will push the envelope of technology, showcasing artificial intelligence, graphics, physics and animations that were not possible prior to the launch of the new hardware systems. Tom Clancy’s EndWar has been built from the ground up as a revolutionary war strategy game solely for next-generation consoles.

    “Our development teams are invigorated to be creating the first 100 percent next-generation Tom Clancy brand,” said Serge Hascoët, chief creative officer at Ubisoft. “Our success with Tom Clancy franchises is unparalleled in the next-generation and Tom Clancy’s EndWar will be a marvelous addition to the already critically acclaimed library of games. A strategy game like no other, EndWar will allow gamers to lead their own armies against hundreds of others online in real global locations on the massive battlefields of World War III.”

    Link to Press releases

  • Xbox 360 Spring Update

    New Text Chat Controller

    Microsoft has posted Details about the Spring 2007 Dashboard update on, rumored to be released on May 7th.  One of the big additions is the integration of Windows Live Messenger,  a dedicated blade for Marketplace, tweaks to the friends list and achievements including the achievement message that pops up will now display the point value and achievement name,  also the name of the game in the disk drive will now be displayed on the dashboard.

    There is a brief video (Xbox 360 Spring 2007 Dashboard Update Video) on Youtube with some of the features and

    They will also be releasing a QWERTY text-input device that will attach to the 360 controller for text messages.  It should be available this summer.

  • Rainbow Six Vegas: Patch Details

     Rainbow Six Vegas got a patch this week.  It looks like they were trying to balance the weapons and fixed a few bugs.  A little to late though.

    Here is the details from the UBI forums.

    Bug Fixes:
    > Optimized the network replication of custom faces. You should see everyone’s custom face much faster in an online match.
    > Fixed a bug where you can get stuck on a ladder in Border Town.
    > Grenades no longer go through walls.
    > Fixed the sound loop on weapons.
    > Observers no longer cause a Team Unbalance penalty on experience points.
    > Fixed a crash related to throwing an incendiary grenade and then quickly using your snake cam before it exploded.
    > Leaderboards are now correctly updating results from ranked matches.
    > Fixed a bug where you could lose your weapon.
    > Killing terrorists with incendiary grenades now works correctly in Terrorist Hunt.
    > C4 explosives are now properly seen by clients when placed on moveable objects.
    > Players are now vulnerable to grenades when using mounted weapons.
    > Fixed bugs related to the Survivor and Special Operations achievements.
    > Host can no longer kick players once the match has started. Players can only be kicked in the lobby, or automatically kicked by excessive team-killing.
    Gameplay Tweaks:
    The weapons have been rebalanced based on the feedback you’ve given us. Thank you for your patience and continued support in making Rainbow Six Vegas the great multiplayer game that it is. Without further delay, here are the changes we’ve brought to the weapons:
    Sub Machine Guns
    o SMGs are now less lethal at long ranges. The damage they do at long range has been reduced in order to bring them more in line with how this type of gun should behave. SMGs remain very lethal at short to medium range.
    Assault Rifles
    o Assault Rifles are now where we wanted them to be. They’re more maneuverable than before and you can more accurately take aim at your target. The Assault Rifles excel at medium to long range when fired in short controlled bursts.
    Light Machine Guns
    o The amount of recoil when firing light machine guns has been significantly reduced, therefore making them much more accurate than before. This weapon excels when fired from a stationary position. It’s not meant to be a very manuverable weapon.
    o Damage at long range has been reduced for shotguns. However, they’re still extremely lethal at short range.
    Sniper Rifles
    o Sniper Rifles have gotten the attention they deserve. Sniper Rifles are more accurate and benefit from an increase in damage. The key to being successful with a sniper rifle is to remain stationary when aiming at your target.
    Frag Grenade: The explosive radius of the fragmentation grenade has been slightly reduced.
    GPS Device: The scanning radius of the GPS has been slightly reduced, along with the number of uses it has.

    Source: R6V:360 03/06/07 New Update - Topic Powered by eve community

  • GRAW 2 Gold

    Graw 2

    Ubisoft has announce that Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2 has gone gold and will be on store shelfs on March 8, next Thursday.   What ever happen to games coming out on Tuesdays?  I understand that they may ship it on Tuesday, but can they sell it on Wendnesday if the store has it?

    Oh well enjoy the multiplayer demo until you get your copy.


    A cool new feature in GRAW 2 is the achievement tracer that will keep track of some of the achievements that you have to complete multiple parts.  Game Devs are really starting to put some nice features into Xbox 360 games.

    Graw 2 Achievement Screen Shot

    (Click on Image to enlarge)

  • Rainbow Six Vegas Players Pack Details

    Rainbow Six Vegas  Ubisoft released some details about the downloadable content pack coming in March for Rainbow Six Vegas.


    There will be three new multiplayer maps.

    • Doscala Restaurant - This well-known Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Las Vegas, near the famous Fremont Street.
    • Marshalling Yard - This century-old service yard is situated in the center of an industrial district. Still active today, it is primarily used to store cars, but is also equipped with cleaning and maintenance facilities.
    • Roof - A coffee factory has been overrun in the continuing gang violence that is wreaking havoc in this Mexican border town. The strategic positioning of the factory makes it highly desirable to control, and therefore a focal point of the violence.

    Then Killhouse and Bordertown will be re-lit and revised for the new gameplay types.

    They also have two new game modes;  Assassination and Total Conquest. 

    Team Xbox

  • Demo: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

    GRAW2 BoxArt

    Following up the 2006 platinum seller Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW), Ubisoft brings the sequel GRAW2, with more of what fans loved about the original with 12 single player missions, 14 multiplayer maps, and a 6 mission coop campaign. You are the Soldier of the Future 2.0. All systems have been upgraded to give you more power and control on the battlefield. Following the failure of the “coup d’etat” in Mexico City Mexican rebels have gathered their remaining forces along the US border. Lead your team of elite Special Forces for the first time on US soil - straddling the border between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The Ghosts have less than 72 hours to stop a nuclear attack.

    The demo for GRAW2 has hit Xbox Live and is around 500 MB. 

    IGN has a preview of GRAW2 that hit's on the what they think is the top 5 improvments over GRAW.

  • Promotions and New members

    SergeantLT BOBSLED and DarkPredator202 have been promoted to Sergeant.  Congratulation to our new sergeants.



    We also have three new gamers applying to be in the clan.  ALHAN, J KiDD 32, and lazl0w.  Make sure to add them to your friends list and invite them into games.

  • Rainbow Six Vegas to be Patched Soon.

    RB6 Vegas The dev's on UBIsoft's Rainbow Six forum have posted a list of fixes for the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas patch.   Of interest to our clan is the removal of Proxy chat for team based games and the fix of the voice glitch when joining a session in progress.

    From the UBIsoft forums: 

    From the lovely devs:

    Rainbow six Vegas patch Notes

    Here is a list of issues that will be addressed in the upcoming patch for Vegas. Many of these issues were reported by members of the community, thanks to everyone that took the time to communicate with us. Please understand that this first patch was being worked on a few weeks ago already and that some of the recently discovered issues may not be addressed right away. We do know about these critical issues and are planning to address them as well.

    Single Player

    -Fixed bugs with voice recognition
    -Fixed a bug that made the game crash when killing Dr. Smythe under a specific circumstance.


    -Getting stuck at briefing screen when joining a match in progress
    -Fixed a coop crash when failing a mission numerous times
    -Fixed an exploit where observers received same kills as host in terrorist hunt
    -Fixed a intermittent coop crash in map Factory
    -Fixed a disconnection bug when host changes map
    -Fixed a bug with live camera that forced a reboot.
    -Fixed an issue with max players not being related to recommended players for maps.
    -Added better feedback in the game search menus.
    -Fixed a bug with the siege specialist achievement.
    -Fixed players crashing when using shield and entering a game with shield restricted.
    -Fixed a rare crash when starting a coop story game
    -Fixed a bug that made the shield become invisible in certain circumstances.
    -Fixed a display bug with weapons disappearing while using shield
    -Fixed a crash while using the Live Vision Camera
    -Fixed a display bug with the canister in retrieval staying visible after being taken.
    -Fixed a random crash for clients in COOP games.
    -Fixed a display error that showed 14 players instead of 16 for dedicated servers.
    -Fixed a bug with score limits not working properly.
    -Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented grenades from being used at game start.
    -Fixed a crash through the world bug related to starting COOP games while playing Terrorist Hunt.
    -Fixed a crash through the world bug in Casino COOP.
    -Fixed a bug with invalid recommended players in COOP maps.
    -Fixed a lockup in COOP mode related to clients joining a game late.
    -Fixed a bug where a dedicated server set for 16 players only accepted 14.
    -Added better feedback in the game search menus
    Remove proximity voice chat from team games.
    -Adjust TerroHunt XP based on density setting:
    - Fixed bug regarding voice chat - Now voice chat works for all players
    - Fixed a crash where clients crash when host change map or quit the game before they have time to load lobby
    -Fixed a crash when clientnt selects Option/ Map name either in the lobby or In game
    -Fixed a bug related to the infiltration specialist achievement
    -Fixed a bug where when score limit is 10 a game does not end when canister is deposited
    - Fixed a bug in splitscreen:Crash when player 2 Press ready before player 1 in the login profile menu
    - Fixed a bug where game occasionally crashes on boot at the Title Screen.


    -Fixed some localization errors in Spanish

  • Halo 3 Beta Sign up Starts Monday Dec 4th

     Microsoft and Bungie are getting ready for a massive beta test of Halo 3.  Sign up starts on Monday, Dec 4th at

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  • Web Site Upgraded.

    I finally got around to updating the web site.  There a lot of new features and more coming.  I still have not had a chance to update the graphic design.  We are currently using a slightly modified version of the default theme that comes with Community Server


    One new feature I would like to point out is the new Xbox News link at the top of the page.  It's a feed reader that pulls in all the latest news from Xbox related sites around the Internet. 

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