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  • Re: Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

    Well yesterday I reserved my copy at best buy, did you know you get an unlockable assult rifle if you reserve R6V2???
    Posted to Game Discussion (Forum) by ScubaSteve12318 on 03-16-2008
  • Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack

    The RB6 Vegas Black Map pack is out with 5 new maps for free and on Friday July 6th the Red Pack, previously 800 points, will be free.
    Posted to Game Discussion (Forum) by Carsinigin on 06-30-2007
  • Rainbow Six Vegas: Patch Details

    Rainbow Six Vegas got a patch this week. It looks like they were trying to balance the weapons and fixed a few bugs. A little to late though. Here is the details from the UBI forums. Bug Fixes: > Optimized the network replication of custom faces. You should see everyone’s custom face much faster in...
    Posted to BLS News (Weblog) by Carsinigin on 03-08-2007
  • Rainbow Six Vegas Players Pack Details

    Ubisoft released some details about the downloadable content pack coming in March for Rainbow Six Vegas. There will be three new multiplayer maps. Doscala Restaurant - This well-known Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Las Vegas, near the famous Fremont Street. Marshalling Yard - This century...
    Posted to BLS News (Weblog) by Carsinigin on 02-13-2007
  • Rainbow Six Vegas to be Patched Soon.

    The dev's on UBIsoft's Rainbow Six forum have posted a list of fixes for the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas patch. Of interest to our clan is the removal of Proxy chat for team based games and the fix of the voice glitch when joining a session in progress. From the UBIsoft forums: From the lovely...
    Posted to BLS News (Weblog) by Carsinigin on 12-05-2006
  • Rainbox Six Vegas Does not Suck!

    Ok I admit it. I was wrong. I picked up a copy of the new Rainbow Six and I'm very happy with it. If you liked Rainbow Six 3 and Black arrow you will like Vegas. The graphics are not as nice as Gears of War but they are better then in the multiplayer demo. One of the maps, "Streets", is...
    Posted to Game Discussion (Forum) by Carsinigin on 11-22-2006
  • Rainbow Six Vegas is going to Suck

    I'm sure you all saw this already. Here is a Video explaining a few of the new PEC features in RB6:Vegas. WTF?!?!? I thought it was common knowledge that PEC mode was what made lockdown suck ass. I don't want a persistant world in my FPS tactical shooters. Unlocking a couple weapons by doing...
    Posted to Game Discussion (Forum) by Carsinigin on 10-16-2006
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